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Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Tue Oct 26 00:47:52 EDT 2010

Le 26 oct. 2010 à 01:33, Lynn Fredricks a écrit :

> The devil suggests Richard's installer
> warning, new APIs only available store partners, and interactively modifying
> requirements and restrictions whenever there's a new vertical market Apple
> can profitably exploit (after proven by third parties of course). The devil
> is 100% in the camp of shareholder value, so I think there's something to be
> worried about.

The way successfully used by the french Credit Agricole bank to make it's fortune in using a slipknot credit policy to make its cattle's breeders customers as dependent as possible from the bank. Apple will probably be successful too in granting its ability to have the test-market risks and job done by others before killing them by Apple labeled cloned apps when the original solutions become too profitable to let them in independent and naive hands. Is Apple on the road to become one of the most important cloner all over the world after China ? Perhaps not...

It will just become part of our job not to depend from Apple in any way at all. Our chance : SJ don't care - for yet - about enterprise vertical markets nor cloud and saas ones.


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