RunRev Enterprise 5.5 OSX to Windows XP

bsummerton at bsummerton at
Mon Oct 25 20:19:31 EDT 2010

I am programming on a Mac and exporting standalone for Windows XP and
higher.  IHave written a script that puts the contents of a field named
"Results" into an email  - auto filling out To/ CC/ and Subject.  But there
are over 1500 characters from the field "Results" which will not fit into
the email content due to windows limitation!!!  I have tried to attach the
content of the field "Results" as a PDF under the latest update of Rev
Enterprise, (as per RunRev Documentation) but I have not been able to get
this to work either.  Can ANYONE please demonstrate for me a script that I
can I use to creat a PDF of my field "Results" that is automatically loaded
into an email client to "bsum at" with a subject "Test Results." 
Thank you in advance.

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