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Hi Chipp, Bob,

> http://gizmodo.com/5670812/big-brother-apple-and-the-death-of-the-prog
> > ram?skyline=true&s=i
> > 
> > One of the more interesting comments is so appropriately true:
> > 
> >> The argument that the app store doesn't bar outside 
> installations is bogus. It's like making the "free market" 
> argument for walmart. Having a walmart in the center of your 
> town and expecting "competition" to thrive is not a very smart bet. 

I think this is a close analogy, except that Walmart is loved only for one
thing - its prices. There's no value add otherwise from Walmart. With Apple,
there is the *perceived* value add of Apple products (I don't want to debate
actual value, but those who buy Apple products very often have a very high
perceived value for what they are getting), that is unlike any other

When Microsoft coupled Internet Explorer to its OS or its own MSN on its
desktop, I don't think many people assumed those things where there
specifically because they were best of breed; but the presence of both was
deemed to be anti-competitive. Being pre-installed means something (and
something to consider now that Apple is no longer pre-installing Flash).

The problem with the Mac App Store is that it makes a lot of sense, but its
fraught with moral ambiguities. I see a little SJ angel and a little SJ
devil on Steve's shoulders. The angel is piping on about how Apple isn't
closing down any other ways to purchase Mac apps or making it appear bad to
purchase them through other venues. The devil suggests Richard's installer
warning, new APIs only available store partners, and interactively modifying
requirements and restrictions whenever there's a new vertical market Apple
can profitably exploit (after proven by third parties of course). The devil
is 100% in the camp of shareholder value, so I think there's something to be
worried about.

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