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On 10/21/10 11:34 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Recently, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>>> Is there anyone here with apps in the current iOS App Store who can
>>>> answer that?
>>> As far as I can tell, no, they only offer tools/Web pages that display
>>> statistical data of your sales.
>> How would it be possible for a developer to know if someone who calls is
>> actually eligible for technical support?
> I am quite a novice in the whole iApp arena, but barring any methods of
> cracking I haven't heard about yet, apps are more or less tied to a device
> -- you cannot arbitrarily move apps from one device to another,

FWIW - Recently I got an iPod Touch and restored by iPhone onto it, making it a 
mirror image of my phone app-wise except for the ability to call.

Phil Davis

> and you
> cannot distribute apps outside the app store (aside from testing and limited
> distribution apps).  So "presumably", the someone wanting help legitimately
> obtained your app.
> Your question does raise another question: what about folks who deliver paid
> apps with no restrictions on the devices they can run on?
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