XMLRPC question

Leland Vandervort leland at DEV.DISCPRO.ORG
Fri Oct 22 01:34:57 EDT 2010

Hi Mark, 

Thanks for the tip.  Will check out your libSOAP, though there are some
small (but majorly significant) differences between SOAP and pure XMLRPC,
especially for the service that I'm trying to prototype for.  (basically a
client to control, provision, and monitor virtual server resources that one
has with a certain cloud VPS provider).

I would just bite the bullet and do it all in C++/Qt, but that takes quite a
bit of time, and for it to be truly cross-platform, I have to build it on
three separate platforms with modifications to the headers, paths, and
makefiles each time, which makes it somewhat cumbersome.  (Been down that
route before when I did an app for our support team that had to run on
Linux, Windows and Mac... -- actually that's the reason I bought the Mac in
the first place, and since I did I've been using it as my primary
workstation ever since, though I still extensively also use Linux, and
windows to a lesser extent -- vendor agnostic style !)



Le 21/10/2010 23:50, « Mark Wieder » <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> a écrit :

> Leland-
> Welcome to the list. In addition to what Andre's already posted,
> It's certainly possible in perl to create some densely terse routines,
> so I think the claim of "less coding" is quite relative, and depends
> somewhat on what libraries you already have available to you. From
> your perl snippets it looks like you're dealing with web services on a
> remote server. In that case the library I put on revOnline may be of
> some help to you: libSOAP. I've tried to encapsulate some of the
> complexities of dealing with XMLRPC in an easy (easier) to use and
> more rev^H^H^Hlivecode-friendly format. Your phrase "relatively
> straightforward" again is in the eye of the beholder, but hopefully
> this may give you something to start with.

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