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I am sorry for the wrong name! I was looking at an e-mail above yours when I sent you a reply. I will try your suggestion and read your comments. Thanks!

Charles Szasz
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On Oct 20, 2010, at 11:10 AM, Robert Brenstein [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> On 20.10.10 at 07:49 -0700 charles61 apparently wrote:
> >Hi Craig! 
> > 
> >I checked for line breaks but there is none. I think the one in my 
> >posting was due to cutting and pasting the code to Nabble. 
> > 
> >My sample stack of two cards has four checkboxes on one card and 
> >four on the second. Each checkbox has code to show a field that when 
> >it is checked. To see if the checkboxes are receiving the mouseUp, I 
> >set all of the fields associated with the checkboxes to invisible. 
> >The checkboxes that are checked on the first card show the fields 
> >but the checkboxes on the second card do not and generates an error 
> >message in the IDE when I pressed the mouseUp button on the first 
> >card. If I click on the checkbox to uncheck, the error message 
> >appears for the next checkbox that is checked. If you have any other 
> >ideas, please feel free to suggest them! 
> > 
> >Charles Szasz 
> >[hidden email] 
> >
> Craig meant me thinks that your inner if should be 
> if the hilite of button b of card y = "true" then 
>    send mouseUp to button b of card y 
> end if 
> instead of 
> if the hilite of button b of card y = "true" then send mouseUp to 
> button b of card y 
> to avoid compilation ambiguity. 
> Anyway, your script may fail if your mouseup function does sth that 
> refers to the buttons on the other card, which are not present on the 
> current card and it does not make full reference to them but only 
> uses short names. 
> Robert 
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