record sound with livecode

Olivier Dussutour olivierdussutour at
Tue Oct 19 10:12:22 EDT 2010

I deleted all files "tmp.wav" on my PC then I tried my script to see if a 
file recorded "tmp.wav" somewhere but nothing.
as we say in French: "me trompe-je quelque part?"

Olivier Dussutour
olivierdussutour at
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Le 18 oct. 2010 à 08:13, Olivier Dussutour a écrit :


une petite idee  a verifier ?

es-tu sur de ton chemin d'acces : tmp & ".wav"

peut-etre que le defaultfoder n'est pas le meme depuis
ta migration en 4.5 ?


ps: Wouahhh. too cooool to speak French sometimes :)

> Hello,
> Sorry! I did not change the subject of the mail! :'-(
> My button script:
> on mouseUp
> hide me
> show button "Arrêter"
> record sound file tmp&".wav"
> end mouseUp
> under rev 4.0 in both work (standalone and gui)
> under LiveCode it does'nt work (standalone and gui)

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