determining if user has shell access

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Oct 14 19:05:36 EDT 2010

> You can use the entire line that you would use in the appropriate
> command window, even changing the command process if need be, even
> changing priority.  You can also elevate the process with 'open
> process elevated' which might get past the blocks (presumably asking
> for a password if needed).  The latter might be good in that the
> solution is not so much to find if it works but to make it work.
> Well, if that works.  I haven't tried it, but I assume you can do the
> command line string and elevated process at the same time.

Right, Phil Davis posted an example of this today:

on mouseUp
  constant kRestartApache = "apachectl -k graceful"
  open elevated process kRestartApache for neither
  If the result<> empty then
  answer "Could not restart server."
  close process kRestartApache
  end if
  -- process will normally close itself when finished
end mouseUp

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