determining if user has shell access

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Oct 14 12:44:41 EDT 2010

You might be able to use the environment variable $ComSpec ... I see it here
on my Win7 machine, and If you can, it returns (for me):


Of course there's "the shellcommand", but that just returns "" or
"cmd.exe" depending on your flavor of Windows.

> The correct way to determine if you have permissions to execute shell
> scripts then is probably to find out if you have execute access to
> %WINDIR%\system32\cmd.exe.

Unfortunately without access to the *shell*, we can't use "attrib" the
equivalent, so that leaves launching apps or using a custom-built DLL (or
maybe executing VBScript).

Monte, if the user doesn't have shell access do you think they also wouldn't
be able to execute a VBScript? Because if they *can* do VBScript, I'm sure
there's a VBS way to find out shell access permissons.

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