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Vokey, John vokey at uleth.ca
Wed Oct 13 18:32:31 EDT 2010

I still have (and use) my HP-25C and my HP-48G+ .  I prefer the 25C to the 48G+ for most simple programming tasks.  I also have a perfect emulator of the HP-25C for OS X that I picked up a few years back.  It is my main calculator on the mac.  I can't find it on the internet anymore, but I will happily send a copy to anyone who emails me privately.

On 2010-10-13, at 3:41 PM, use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:

> I still have my HP-35. Got it in 1971, I think. I use an HP-41 now. 
> Wouldn't think of anything else.
> Craig

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