[ANN] Simple RPN Calculator on RevOnline

DunbarX at aol.com DunbarX at aol.com
Wed Oct 13 16:44:20 EDT 2010


A "switch" button, (that reverses the contents of the "X" and "Y" 
registers)? A rollDown button (like a shift register through x,y,z and t)?

The RPN ease and beauty is resident in the "enter" key, and the four 
arithmetic operator keys. The switch and Roll keys help, because they do a little 
stack fiddling. But advanced functions are but window dressing. Nice, but 
not the core.

You know this.

In a message dated 10/13/10 4:37:07 PM, andre at andregarzia.com writes:

> I will, but it will break my layout.. :-)
> next revision I will add it along with some other tidbits. Do you have any
> other buttons/features that you think are a *must* for a simple rpn
> calculator?

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