shell command to identify wireless printer

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Tue Oct 12 10:17:47 EDT 2010

Ignore any duplicates that show up, forgot to clean up last message and its
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Try this:
   get shell("cd /usr/sbin;system_profiler SPNetworkDataType |grep -i
   set the itemdel to "="
   put the last item of it into yourplacetostoreit

It grabs the hardware signature of the router and splits out the last item
which is the routers mac address. Should be a more reliable method of
tagging what network you're on. SSID may not be unique since so many people
never change the default.

This should work for wired or wireless.

I don't know how likely it is you'll have more than one valid connection at
a time, if its a possibility for you, might consider testing it to see if it
contains more than one line.

Also running virtual machines could throw this off I guess, but it shouldn't
be too bad to get a handle on things.

If nothing else, don't split off the mac address and use the entire result
as your matching text.  If there IS more than 1 valid result, and you do use
the entire thing as your match text, also might consider a sort since I
can't test if system_profiler always lists in the exact same order.

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