Socket read problems

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Sat Oct 9 00:11:33 EDT 2010

  The two handlers are right next to each other in the card script.  You 
may be right about getting another error like socketError or socketClose 
that overrides the need for socketTimeout although I would think any 
socket timeout would also constitute a socket error wouldn't it?  If so, 
why the two messages?


On 10/8/2010 2:29 PM, Dar Scott wrote:
> I still haven't remembered what is weird about socketTimeout.
> Perhaps you don't get it if you get socketClose or socketError.  (When 
> debugging TCP, I use handlers for all.)
> Is your socketTimeout handler in the right path?  (An example 
> situation is when your socketTimeout handler is in the card script but 
> the actual read is in a handler in the stack script.)

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