LiveCode Cocoa via Applescriptobjc

Ken Ray kray at
Fri Oct 8 13:36:42 EDT 2010

> Bonjour,
> LiveCode can understand AppleScript via the command "do".
> Applescriptobjc can use Cocoa methods (?)
> Is it possible to use Cocoa methods with Applescriptobjc inside LiveCode via
> the command "do" ?
> If yes, how ?

I don't think so... it appears to me that ApplescriptObjC allows you to use
AppleScript (mostly) within Xcode to create applications instead of using
Objective C through the use of a custom application framework. It doesn't
appear that executing special applescript from LiveCode is going to be able
to make use of that framework - at best you'd still be trying to
control/communicate with another app - just one build with AppleScript
instead of Objective C.

But that's just my initial take on it...

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