RevBrowser bug

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Oct 7 14:53:46 EDT 2010

  On 10/7/10 9:44 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
>>> I'm just curious, I guess... is it only during dev in the IDE that you are
>>> toggling the resizable of a stack? Or if you do it at runtime, I'd be
>>> curious to find how you're applying this functionality...
>> In my current project I need to toggle this according to some META TAGs
>> inside of the html source.
> That's what I was looking for... thanks!
>> Ken, I was not born yesterday (LiveCode-wise) :-D
> Don't I know it! ;-)

Very few of us were "born yesterday"; but when I look at LiveCode / RunRev
I wish I had been:

then I could have dived straight into LiveCode / RunRev without having to
spend Velikovskian "Ages in Chaos" with FORTRAN, PASCAL, ZILOG and
even relatively "leverable" stuff such as ToolBook.

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