RevBrowser bug

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Wed Oct 6 08:37:27 EDT 2010

Hi Mike,

> This happens because the revbrowser instance is linked to a specific
> windowid and certain things change that id. As you mentioned changing the
> resizable, going fullscreen, and if I recall correctly, changing the window
> decorations all change the windowid.  Haven't tried it but changing window
> mode will probably do this also.
> This is something that I too hope will be changed/fixed? Though i'm not sure
> if it should be a bug report or a feature request.

whatever, I marked it as "Blocker"

A workaround ist to make the stack NOT resizable and use the "Mac Style Stack Resizer"
from the object lib or make your own :-) 

> Where is your report, i'll vote for it.

Ah, sorry, here it is:



Klaus Major
klaus at

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