Download Beta Test Franklin Audio External for LiveCode

Sivakatirswami katir at
Wed Oct 6 01:01:44 EDT 2010

  On 10/4/10 10:08 AM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:
> Run and play. If you don't hear anything, we want to know. And also we are
> talking suggestions for the demo. The goal of the 1.0 release is to deliver
> multi-channel audio by way of OpenAL.
> Best regards,
> Lynn Fredricks
Aloha Lynn - Ruslan

"Look Ma no Quicktime!" -- wonderful initiative!

Platform: LiveCode 4.5; Mac OS X 10.6.4

installed to my hard drive... I moved it to /Documents/Paradigama 
Software (as I had this already from the bundle you sent last year for 
those who bought that package Rev was selling then)

I ran the install: a copy of the external was placed in:

/Documents/My LiveCode/Externals/FranklinAudio.bundle

quit LiveCode, double clicked your demo, it invoked an old Revolution in 
my apps folder and did not work. I quit. Opened it in LiveCode and from 
the pull down menu FancyPants.wav plays fine, but the Source Sharing 
Buffers does not... I initialized the OpenAL buffers, but clicking on 
"Rain" (or any other source)

-- Will add a new water drop source to the audio scene.
function AddSource  type1
    -- Create source
    get alGenSources(1, "Source");  # breaks on this line

If I leave the substack open and click "Stop"

I get a script error thrown here:

function KillALData
    put Sources_idx-1 into Sources_idx
    //repeat while (Sources_idx > 0)

       get alDeleteSources(Sources_idx, "Sources");  # breaks on this line
       //put Sources_idx-1 into Sources_idx

I tried to quit LiveCode, but the IDE is frozen now, spinning beachball 
cursor. check Processes, LiveCode not responding. I force quit....

I restart LiveCode, open your demo, FancyPants plays fine. Choose 02. 
Sources Sharing Buffers. Click Initialize... no error... choose Rain.. 
nothing happens, click on Water Drops... no script error window but the 
status window displays "Error generating audio source."   clicking on 
other choices nothing happens click twice on any of them (Wind Chimes, 
Rolling Thunder) etc...

Error generating audio source
Error generating audio source
Error generating audio source

click start: clears the status feedback field but nothing plays. I quit 
the demo. This time LiveCode does not hang.

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