Revlets make Safari to crash on Mac OS X 10.6.4!? NO: it's an extensions problem

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Tue Oct 5 15:49:16 EDT 2010

Bonsoir François,

> How is adblock supposed to know a revlet is not an ad?

Pas du tôut, mon ami! :-)

It is not that the revlet does not get displayed, but instead Safari CRASHES
when AdBlock (in my case, maybe extensions in general?) is not deactivated!

> The ice is thin between advertisement and information....
> Le 5 oct. 2010 à 21:30, Klaus on-rev a écrit :
>> Hi Medard,
>>> Klaus on-rev <klaus at> wrote:
>>>> you mean you DEactivated AdBlock, right?
>>> first, I deactivated all the extensions
>>> (general switch at the top of the panel)
>>> revlets worked
>>> second I put the switch on "activated"
>>> and I activated only AdBlock* (left panel, with individual extensions)
>>> and revlets crashed
>>> *2.21 on my Mac
>> I see.
>> But this was my only extension and crashed Safari everytime I tried to load a Revlet.
>> Once deactivated, Revlets load fine.



Klaus Major
klaus at

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