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Mon Oct 4 14:31:21 EDT 2010

Hi Roger. 

This could be extremely useful for a project I have been contemplating for some time. I wanted to make a conference scheduling app complete with visual maps of buildings and rooms and such. The maps would be interactive, so that I could click on a room and get the record of that room, such as the schedule and vacancy status. 

If you think this would be possible, I would be willing to donate some money toward your development of the object. Let me know if you think what I am trying to do is possible with your Scrolling Group object. 


On Oct 4, 2010, at 8:59 AM, Roger Guay wrote:

> Nice job, Claudi! Thanks for sharing it.
> Cheers, Roger 
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>> Hi All,
>> I am glad to anounce the ccScroller group.
>> After many years, on and off, trying to get it to work right, I finaly  
>> succeeded in creating a true scrolling canvas like group.
>> I managed to get something to work before but now I found a simple and  
>> elegant solution.
>> You can drag objects around in the group and the "canvas" will always  
>> adept to the placement of the objects.
>> It grows and shrinks as neccesary, in the expected and sane way.
>> The final piece I needed was mentioned by Richard quiete a few weeks  
>> ago, the boundingRect.
>> The boundingRect alone isn't sufficient but it turned out to be a  
>> crucial extra piece I needed to acomplish this canvas group.
>> I tryed to uploaded it to revOnLine but after I logged out I couldn't  
>> log in anymore.
>> Apparently the password they send me this afternoon is wrong now. I  
>> don't know.
>> So I have no idea if the upload went correctly because I can't find it  
>> nowhere anymore. Revonline seems a bit flaky at the moment.
>> I will try again later.
>> Probably the easyest way to get the stack is to execute the following  
>> in the messagebox:
>> go stack URL ""
>> and check it out.
>> I hope (some of) you find it usefull
>> All the best
>>  Claudi
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