ANN: A true scrolling canvas demo

Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Sun Oct 3 17:30:34 EDT 2010

Hi All,

I am glad to anounce the ccScroller group.

After many years, on and off, trying to get it to work right, I finaly  
succeeded in creating a true scrolling canvas like group.

I managed to get something to work before but now I found a simple and  
elegant solution.

You can drag objects around in the group and the "canvas" will always  
adept to the placement of the objects.
It grows and shrinks as neccesary, in the expected and sane way.

The final piece I needed was mentioned by Richard quiete a few weeks  
ago, the boundingRect.
The boundingRect alone isn't sufficient but it turned out to be a  
crucial extra piece I needed to acomplish this canvas group.

I tryed to uploaded it to revOnLine but after I logged out I couldn't  
log in anymore.
Apparently the password they send me this afternoon is wrong now. I  
don't know.
So I have no idea if the upload went correctly because I can't find it  
nowhere anymore. Revonline seems a bit flaky at the moment.
I will try again later.

Probably the easyest way to get the stack is to execute the following  
in the messagebox:

go stack URL ""
and check it out.

I hope (some of) you find it usefull

All the best

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