Storing an Array as a Custom Property

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Sat Oct 2 19:25:32 EDT 2010

Thanks David. Then that's what the property should be named in the Inspector and I wouldn't have had this problem.

I'm sure that Richard's suggestion is a good one, but just that much more for us to learn. KISS!

Joe Lewis Wilkins

On Oct 2, 2010, at 4:21 PM, David C. wrote:

>> I didn't use spaces, but it is shown with spaces in the Inspector, which is why I told Richard that some of the names are "iffy". I did it the correct way and it doesn't work as I said it doesn't.
> As Richard was trying to explain above, the "Tab On Return" that you
> are seeing is nothing more than a descriptive label that is used in
> the IDE for the "autoTab" property. The actual property is autoTab,
> which can be manipulated by script or message box like this:
> set the autoTab of field "Myfield" to true
> -or-
> set the autoTab of field "Myfield" to false
> Read Richard's message again and give his suggestion a try.... it will
> make everything much easier!
> Best regards,
> David C.

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