Storing an Array as a Custom Property

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Oct 2 17:56:33 EDT 2010

Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:

 > While we're talking about bugs, I found that you cannot change
 > the field property "TAB on Return" from the multi line msg box.

That's because there is no property called "Tab in Return".

By default, the Rev Property Inspector hides the "English-like" names 
used in the language and instead shows what is presumably an 
"Even-More-English-Like" label.  The problem is that there is then no 
direct way to know the name of the property you're setting.

In this case the actual property name is "autoTab".

The first thing I tell my clients to do when they begin learning Rev is:

1. Go to Preferences
2. In the section with the heading "Property labels are:", click the
    option labeled "Name of LiveTalk Property".

Once that's done the Inspector provides reinforcement of the tokens 
you'll have to learn for scripting anyway.

And without that, as you've found it just raises the learning curve.

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