Launch app from MacOSX system bar

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Oct 2 09:44:00 EDT 2010


That's not really what's happening. Whenever you choose an item from the menus in the top-right, the menu item selection is handled by a programme (e.g. a Rev standalone). This programme can launch another programme.

Do you have a problem creating a menu icon in the top-right or do you have a problem launching another programme?

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On 2 okt 2010, at 15:40, JosepM wrote:

> Hi,
> It's posible to launch one app from the system bar like, for example
> DropBox, Evernote...
> Any experience? I remember read something in some post but I don't found...
> Salut,
> Josep M

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