LiveCode Datagrid Questions

Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Oct 2 02:29:21 EDT 2010

I'm having a number of issues with datagrids created in LiveCode 4.5.   
Datagrids created by Revolution 4.0 still work fine.

I am unable to create custom column behaviors for any columns using  
the recommended method.  I click the plus sign for the column, the  
card with the row template is displayed, I select the row template  
group but the Edit Group button in the toolbar or on the Object menu  
is greyed out and doesn't function.  If I select the card containing  
the template for the datagrid, then select the Row Template group,   
the Edit Group command is available to me.

I have a default column behavior script which I use for all my  
datagrids.  Those created under 4.0 correctly execute the various  
handlers in that script but any created under 4.5 never execute any of  
the handlers in that script (the default column behavior is set to the  
correct button).

I see two new handlers in the default column behavior supplied with  
LiveCode - PreFillinData and ResetData.  What are some uses for these  

I also saw a recent post to this list regarding some new built in drag  
and drop reordering handlers in the default script - they don't appear  
in my default script.

I have been using the Data Group Handler plugin.  I have removed it  
from the Plugins folder in the Application bundle but these problems  
did not go away.

Any answers much appreciated.

Pete Haworth

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