A Simple Tree Control for use in Revolution/LiveCode

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Sun Nov 28 18:20:39 EST 2010

John, this is awesome. Where do we send money?


On 28 November 2010 03:09, John Dixon <dixonja at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:

> The 'dvField' Library creates fields that can be used as a 'tree' control
> that in Runtime Revolution's Revolution / LiveCode stacks and standalones.
> It will run under both MacOS X and Windows and is simple to use.
> A 'dvField' can be placed on any card... well, that makes sense, and what
> you would expect... more than one 'dvField' can be placed on a card...
> A 'dvField' is also able to be created on a card and then used throughout
> the stack. If you are using a 'dvField' as a source for navigation and would
> like it to appear on each card to which you navigate, the 'dvField' is
> updated by the 'dvLibrary' when you move to a different card.... This is
> opposed to having a 'dvField' , that is being used as a 'source' field on
> just one card and then showing different groups of say 'fields, buttons and
> images' when you click on a leaf....
>  - Create Mac or Windows style 'dvField' tree fields.
>  - Import data into a 'dvField'  from tab-delimited text files or variables
> from in your scripts
> -  Change the names of branches and leaves with the popUp menu or script.
> -  Change the order in which branches and leaves are displayed
>  - Choose different branch and leaf icons.
>  - Change the colours of the 'dvField' background to suit the look of your
> stack.
>  - Use different colours with which to display branch and leaf text.
>  - Change data and the look of the 'dvField' on the fly, through a popUp
> Menu in the IDE.
>  - Use 36 different commands to control the 'dvField' by script
> This is a beta/demo version and cannot yet be registered…. that will be
> possible within the next few days…
> Download the Beta from :-
> http://www.ihouse.on-rev.com/ihouse-dvfield.html
> I would be pleased to hear your questions & comments
> info at ihouse.on-rev.com
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