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Hi Björnke, 
> You have some weird ideas about how open source works. For example:

Well, not so weird, just lazy type all scenarios :)
>> Look on sites of all open source GPL projects. You can see on download page -
>> binaries and sources. Nobody should even ask you.  You should self upload
>> sources the same time as binary. But not on request.
> The GPL mandates that anyone can get the code.

Right. Very good words.  *Anyone* is a key word here.

In Mark article he somehow discuss only relation to own users.
But exists yet NOT users, and even direct competitors.
With GPL you must open your source to them all.

So I agree here with you, Björnke  :-)

> How and when it is delivered is  completely up to the creator of the code.

Also right. 

My point about FTP was just hyperbola to underline that sources must be
given to anyone without exception.

> The GPL does not mandate how and when you give
> the source code to other people, only that you must do it.

       BTW: interesting, can I give sources 100 years later after request?
       This will satisfy GPL?  :-)

Just its hard to image, that I should spend time to learn that a project is
under GPL, then learn that on FTP no sources, then spend time to write
letters to anybody  with request to send me sources ... Then wait for them

Not comfortable ... But yes possible way also of course.
> Heck, you could even demand money for distributing the source code:

Also clear Björnke. And also agree :)

This is why underlined that Open Source Software is not same to Free
Software generally speaking, and reverse.

Exists Free Software with closed sources.
Exists commercial products with open sources.
Exists open source software, but it is paid often.
Many variants exists.

Btw, Valentina is also open source on 95%.
Just it is a paid service... Exactly as you point above

         >  demand money for distributing the source code

But we do not use virus of GPL to force Valentina DB users
to open sources of own apps.

Best regards,

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