[Really-OT] Rio is at a state of war

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Fri Nov 26 20:24:14 EST 2010

Hi Andre

I heard about this on the news this morning but did not realize 
the extent of what was happening.   It is being 
covered here in Canada.  


Your report though really gives a truer picture 
of what is really going on.   

The more people around the world know what 
is going on the more support the people have to 
get rid of the criminal organizations.

I hope you are safe and I hope you and your
 fellow citizens are soon free of the criminal
organizations and can walk in you city 
freely and safely.


Andre Garzia <andre at ...> writes:

> Thanks Richmond and Haroldo,
> Things here are heavy but the police is winning and this is good. If you
> guys seen the slideshow I posted earlier in the thread you'll see that our
> police ressembles an army, simple uniformed cops can't handle what is
> happening here right now.
> goverment deployed the army here so that violence doesn't spread in the city
> of Rio more than it already did. My city niteroi has no army presence and
> our police officers are probably on Rio helping, so we're left alone and
> crime waves are common these days. Damn, not enough cops.
> Well, I am safe and will have fondue tonigh, cheese makes me very happy.
> Thanks for the prayers and the candles, we all need help in here.
> Andre

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