How do you programmatically create an empty database?

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Wed Nov 24 13:22:16 EST 2010

> <rant> Can I please have my old relational database model 
> back? Can I please have Visual Foxpro? Or 4D? Or ANYTHING 
> ELSE but this unwieldy, blood sucking, "the more money you 
> make the more you have to give us" kind of database model we 
> call SQL? We've been sold out, lads! SOLD OUT!!! </rant>

Business models are usually the product of competitors colliding against
each other until, like stones on a beach, they start to resemble each other.
Some are truly baffling. Here's an example -

In the real time 3D video market (machinanima), almost all players have
moved from a standard tool maker type business model to a "service" model
or, attach provisions to their software use to make it impossible to ship
products in their native format without paying them some form of royalty OR
requiring you to sell through their online stores. I think this is a result
of their own initial mismarketing and immaturity of the market place in the
first few years of their appearance, but all seem to have locked down their
tools into a walled garden model. But the number of competitors is very few,
and they all seem to have gone the same direction of trying to extract use
type fees. 

Its sort of like a cartel, without the 10 galleon hats and cigars, but with
the soul eating.

We have sort of an inverse situation, because the market for databases is
extremely mature, yet no single DB is king and can do everything (and why
there are many smaller, less expensive or free alternatives prospering). The
big guys can often get as "walled garden" as they like because they often
have death grips on their soul eaten customers.

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