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Le 15 nov. 2010 à 19:17, Jeff Massung a écrit :

> I'm just going to pop in and point out that LiveCode isn't the only product
> that does this with personal edition development tools. In fact, LiveCode is
> actually awesome in that it will let you build a standalone. Most personal
> use development software only allow you to run from within the IDE and even
> limit you on memory/heap space and the length of time your application can
> run for.
> Technically, aside from the fact that you want to be honest, there's nothing
> preventing you from distributing your standalones to others for money. The
> banner - at least in part - guarantees that if you did, RunRev would still
> get something ("free" advertising) out of the arrangement.

Perhaps but it is only annoying for people who bought the product.
Annoying honest people while you could surely use a pirated version that doesn't show that nagging splash screen upon each launch is not the best thing to do.
If I say that it is because I buy every piece of software, music or motion picture that I have on my Mac.

> I can see that it's annoying, and perhaps 10 seconds is an egregious period
> of time to wait (probably 2-3 would be sufficient), but it far from out of
> line or the norm.

Another solution, far less annoying, would be to show a special splash screen before or after the user sees the window when selecting the "About that application".
That way you can make it clear that the application was made for a special purpose (not commercial or only for education) without being intrusive.


> Jeff M.
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 11:03 AM, Mark Schonewille <
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>> I agree. It is very annoying. If this were free software, then it would be
>> alright, but one has paid 99 dollars for it! One should not be nagged by a
>> paid product, regardless of how low or high the price is.
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