SQLite Problem in 4.5

Peter Haworth pete at mollysrevenge.com
Sat Nov 13 12:59:17 EST 2010

Just ran into a serious problem with and SQLite SELECT statement in 4.5.

I'm selecting data from my database with the following SQLite statement

put revDataFromQuery(,,gDBID,myLine) after tdata

myline contains SELECT PlaceID, Name || ',' || City || ',' || State AS  
Location FROM Places ORDER BY Name

In 4.0, this successfully selects all the correct data.  In 4.5 is  
selects only 2 rows.  Same codebase, same database.  Executing the  
SELECT in 2 or 3 different SQLite query utilities returns the correct  

Has anyone run into this type of issue with 4.5?

Pete Haworth

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