IDE/Standalone Performance Issues - A Light At The End of the Tunnel!

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Nov 11 13:03:22 EST 2010

I think I have found  the cause of the performance problems I have  
been experiencing.  I had been referring to objects by their long name  
in various places in the offending code.  I started changing the code  
to refer to the same objects by their short ID and each line of code I  
changed resulted in quicker performance.  I haven't been able to  
change all the code yet but the evidence is that the performance  
issues will go away when I start using the object IDs everywhere.

Finding the problem is good of course but does anyone know why there  
are no performance issues referring to an object by it's long name in  
the IDE but it causes such a performance hit in a standalone?  Maybe  
I'm misunderstanding the process of building a standalone but I would  
have thought a standalone would function more efficiently than the  
same code executed in the IDE not less, kinda like in the old days of  
interpretive vs compiled BASIC?

Pete Haworth

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