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Ken Ray kray at
Wed Nov 3 08:52:25 EDT 2010

> Just tossing this out there, but I *love* this behavior. I'm sure there are
> situations where it's undesirable, but are easily compensated for by just
> adding another delimiter.
> Begin able to do the following is very handy and makes the code clean:
> put "foo" & cr after fld "x"
> put "bar" & cr after fld "x"
> put the number of lines of fld "x"
> Having that return 2 is extremely convenient.

Agreed, but sometimes it's not convenient when you want to get the "last
item" of a line; for example, if you have a container that holds columns for
First Name (tab) Last Name (tab) Notes, and some lines have a note and some
don't, you can't just set the itemDelimiter to tab and run through the
container and get the "last item" or "item -1" of the line to check if the
person entered a note; if they didn't provide one, then check the "last
item" will give you their Last Name instead.

It would be great if there was a global setting that you could toggle it on
in these circumstances, something like:

put item -1 of "Ken,Ray,"
==> returns "Ray"

set the dontIgnoreTrailingDelimiter to true
put item -1 of "Ken,Ray,"
==> returns ""


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