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Fri Dec 31 16:41:48 EST 2010

DunbarX wrote:

> Why the messages is not passed along to the card, or why they are sent
> continuously, is a mystery.

For most of LC/Rev/MC's life, the resizeControl message was consistently 
sent only after the user stopped performing a resize action with the 
pointer tool.

But in v3.5 RunRev introduced behaviors and some new enhancements to 
group objects to allow folks to make custom controls like the DataGrid.

In addition to being sent continuously as the control is resized (to 
allow your custom control to adjust its contents), that message is also 
sent to the control whenever it's resized by any means, such as a script 
adjusting its rect, rather than strictly when the user is interacting 
with it using the pointer tool.

Useful as these enhancements are, it seems they're described only in the 
engine change log and the Dictionary entry for the resizeControl message 
hasn't been updated.

Anyone here got time to either add a user comment to that entry and/or 
file a documentation bug report at the RQCC?

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