DataGrid dictionary?

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Fri Dec 31 16:17:13 EST 2010

Hiya folks.

Is there a reference somewhere for all the commands/ functions of the datagrid? I've done the tutorials etc but just trying to implement stuf now and needed to look a couple of things up...

I notice that they don't seem to be listed in the livecode dictionary?

Another thought....anyone got an iOS app on the way with the LC dictionary in it? You'd be popular with me if you did!

On 01/01/2011, at 2:46 AM, Trevor DeVore <lists at> wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 4:23 PM, JosepM <jmyepes at> wrote:
>>> To reference to next row from the actual is better use
>>> SetDataOfIndex the dgindex of me+1, "COL1", "Text of the Col"
>>> or can be a problem with datagrid index?
>> <Hmm, I think this might cause problems. The data grid won't throw an
>> error
>> <if you try to assign data to an index that you haven't added but I also
>> <don't think it will update the total height of the data in the grid which
>> <AddData will do. This may cause problems when scrolling through your data
>> <later on.
>> Whenever I refer to the other line is why I have the certainty that there
>> is, so the first row generates, if necessary, additional lines. So, in
>> theory should not cause any error.
>> I have been trying to create several rows which this create more rows to
>> force the displacement of the datagrid height and, at first glance seems to
>> work and move correctly.
>> The creation of these lines is always in last position and never between.
>> Why you say that don't update de total height of data?
> The data grid has to keep track of the total height of the data in a data
> grid. For a data grid table or a data grid form with a fixed row height this
> is just the row height * the number of records in the table. For data grid
> form with variable row heights the total height is cached. This cache is
> updated when you add/remove rows. If you use SetDataOfIndex to add a row to
> a data grid form with variable row heights then the cached height would not
> be correct.
> I just looked at the code again and there are other operations that occur
> when adding a row to a data grid such as storing of the sequence for the
> index. So I would recommend that you always use AddData to add rows to the
> data grid.
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