Gradient along a graphic line

Devin Asay devin_asay at
Fri Dec 31 15:59:27 EST 2010

On Dec 31, 2010, at 12:41 PM, Nonsanity wrote:

> Anyone know a way to set the points along a graphic line to different
> colors, or to apply a gradient along the length of a line, regardless of its
> path?
> I want to have one end of a looping line one color, and the other end
> another, with a smooth blend between them.
> Only way I can think of doing it is breaking the one grc down into a
> bajillion others (one for each point pair in "the points of grc x") and set
> a linear gradient for each at the right segment of the overall gradient and
> at the right angle. A heck of a lot of work.
> A gradient stroke option of "Path" would be sweet, but is the a current
> solution?


Doesn't it work if you set a linear stroke gradient for the line graphic?


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