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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Fri Dec 31 05:30:27 EST 2010

Hi John,

There is no easy way to import all iOS controls. You can fake them using pictures.

LiveCode for iOS can connect to sockets, so it should be able to contact a web server and read data from an on-line database. I don't know whether libURL is included already (just check the release notes), but if it is then it should be easy.

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On 31 dec 2010, at 08:39, John Allijn wrote:

> Hi, 
> I'm new to livecode, but have some experience in supercard (and even hypercard). 
> First of all: I am very impressed that it is now possible to create iOS apps with livecode!
> However, I have a few questions about building for iOS. 
> 1) I want to create an iPad app. So I created a stack in the right proportions, set the right iOS attributes etc. 
> When I run the app in the simulater however, all the controls like buttons, except the picker-wheel, look like windows 3.11 buttons. Is there a way to use the default iOS controls? If not: is there an easy way to import all the iOS controls into a stack? 
> 2) I have read about accessing local datafiles (and even sql databases) on the iPhone/iPad. Is it also possible to access a file or a database on the web? I want to setup a central database (like a wiki) and have the iPad app read and write to it. I do not expect many users, so I don't care much if it is a file or a DB on the web. both will do fine. 
> thanks,
> John Allijn

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