Missing plug-in. Again

DunbarX at aol.com DunbarX at aol.com
Thu Dec 30 11:26:06 EST 2010

This happened to me once before, and I cannot remember how it was fixed.

In reverting to 4.5.0 from 4.5.2 I have lost a plug-in I wrote. It runs a 
few simple startup scripts.

I placed it in the plugins folder of the 4.5.0 folder, but it will not 
appear in the "Development/plugins" menu in the IDE. In fact, if I relocate one 
of the other existing plugins (RegExBuilder) and then restart LC, that 
plugin still appears in the menu, even though it is missing from the folder.

So a plugin that is out of the folder appears in the menu, and one that is 
in the folder does not.

I am mismanaging something, and misunderstanding much more.


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