Some things about backgrounds i never knew

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Thu Dec 30 05:38:49 EST 2010

Bonjour David,

Look at  "backgroundNames" in the doc:
The backgroundNames is the list of all backgrounds in the stack whose backgroundBehavior property is set to true, whether they appear on the current card or not. If a group in the stack contains groups, only the top-level groups are reported.

To find out which groups are placed on a card, use the groupNames property.


Best regards from Grenoble


Le 30 déc. 2010 à 10:31, David Bovill a écrit :

> OK - it's morning and I still don't get it.
> In my simple test stack, I have 3 groups and 3 cards. One of the groups
> (group "Inner") is inside another, and both top level groups (group "First
> background" and group "Second Nested Background") are on the first card and
> the last card, all though they have had their background behavior set to
> false.
> The following are all true:
>   - put the backgroundnames of this stack = empty
>   - put the number of bgs of this stack = 2
>   - put the short name of background 1 of this stack = "First background"
>   - put the short name of background 2 of this stack = "Inner"
> It makes no sense that "the backgroundnames" is empty and the number of bgs
> = 2. It also makes no sense that the second bg is not the second top level
> group that is shared across several cards, but is an inner "group" of a
> nested background.
> Can anyone make sense of this? I'm sure a bug like this would have been
> spotted before?
> On 30 December 2010 00:02, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
>> Now I'm lost...
>> You can even create backgrounds that are (almost) impossible to detect. If
>> you create a top level group called "Hidden background" and then "remove" it
>> from the card - it will appear in the backgroundids / backgroundnames of the
>> stack even though it is not visible on any cards.
>> However if you then:
>> set the backgroundbehavior of bg "Hidden background" to false
>> it will not only not be visible, it won't show up in the 'backgroundids /
>> backgroundnames of the stack".
>> Looping through each background number by using "the number of backgrounds
>> of stack" gives a completely different result, which at the moment is making
>> no sense... for instance I have go a test stack with two shared groups -
>> both of which I've turned off the backgroundbehavior (so the backgroundnames
>> is empty) - no bg 1 of stack is the first group, but bg 2 of stack is an
>> inner group and not the second shared group.... maybe it will make sense in
>> the morning....
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