Video player messages

Martin Koob mkoob at
Wed Dec 29 16:47:01 EST 2010

If you want to fire messages at predetermined times then use callbacks.

First make a list with your callbacks with the format time,message



then you set the callbacks of your player to that list.

then when your player plays it will send the mySelectline message with the
time as a parameter when it encounters the times in the list.

you then need a mySelectline handler in your player or card or stack to
handle the message. 

on mySelectline thetime
  select line whatsmyline(thetime) of field "myfield"

end my selectline

in that handler you need a way to associate the time value with the line
that you want to select you could put that in the whatsmyline handler.

This will only work however when playing.  If you want to have the lines
selected when scrubbing to points in the movie you will have to get the
currenttime or handle the currenttimechanged message to determine where you
are in the movie relative to your callback time points.


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