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Wed Dec 29 10:40:53 EST 2010

Hi Ron,

> Hi,
> Simple task but I can't figure out how to get the info I need. I want
> to hilite lines of text based on the time elapsed of a movie in a
> player. For example, when the video is at 2000, line 3 of the text is
> selected. I can handle text but I'm new to video.
> My problem is lack of familiarity with the player - I see messages
> sent to the player but can't figure out how to find out the elapsed
> time of the movie. I have tried various approaches with callbacks and
> other messages but can't find the right combination.

Hmm, "callbacks" look like the best candidate for this job!
What did you try, what did not work?

> So how do I get the elapsed time of the movie in a player as it is playing?

You can query "the currenttime of player X" while it is playing, or "scroll" manually in the
video and then query "the currenttime of player X". 

> Thanks
> Ron



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