Changing icons in project "on the fly"

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Dec 26 13:44:20 EST 2010

Recently, william humphrey wrote:

> If you have all your custom icons on a card in your project and you want to
> change all occurrences of a particular icon with a new one it is as easy as
> changing the icon "ID" for the new icon to the same icon "ID" as the old
> icon (and changing the old icon ID to something else or deleting it). I
> notice that you have to close and re-start livecode to see the changes also.

Unless there's a need to actually change the ID number, I would instead set
the text property of the old icon to the text of the new icon and all
instances will update automatically.  This way you update the visual content
of the icon, but all references to the icon's ID remain unchanged.

> But what if you use a "system" icon  for a lot of stuff. Those have ID's
> like 200086, so if your project has like twenty icons with the ID 200086 and
> you want to change it to a custom icon that is ID 1600 or such like can you
> change the system icon to that and delete it or something or do you have to
> go through and edit every occurrence or you icon on every different stack
> and card?

I believe there's a stack that contains all the system icons, which in
theory you could edit, but unless you want those edits to carry over to
every project you create with LiveCode, I think you'll need to update all
the ID references in your stack.


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