Msg box outta here

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Wed Dec 22 18:41:59 EST 2010


Tried fooling around per your suggestion. As usual with 4.5.2, I cannot 
make anything stick.

As soon as I placed a breakpoint in the returnInField handler, msg started 
working.   Tried a half dozen new sessions, new mainstack. No other software 
open. A command from msg such as "answer XX" produced "XX". Great.

But, no returnInField message was ever trapped; the breakpoint may as well 
have not been there.


Closed down one more time. New session. No msg action. Opened application 
browser only. Msg works. Great.

New session.

Now cannot make msg do anything at all again. I am done with it. Back to 

Everything is great.

But thanks for taking the time...


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