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In my opinion, it's a matter of determining your user base. With large and multiple screens all the vogue in my profession, I'm not worrying too much about all of this; just providing an initial caveat that a certain minimum sized screen, or multiple screens, will best service the program; realizing that this will reduce my potential market, perhaps sizably, but something with which I'm willing to live - for the time being. The ability to minimize and recall stacks from the Docks and Task Bar, make this an acceptable scenario. 

BTW, something on which I've been working since the early days of HC has finally been resolved using LC. I'm creating a set of stacks upon which I can position a variety of architectural details that may be accessed, one click copy, then go to the user's CAD or Drawing programs, Cmd pr Ctrl V to paste that detail on their drawings. Smooth, quick and really great. I started trying to do this when HC first came out, but the technology - software and hardware - just wasn't up to snuff yet. Now it is. My programs still have a teensy bit of polishing, but I'm 90% of the way to beta. My biggest concerns are how smoothly what I'm able to do on Macs works equally as well on Windows. My testing so far has only been with XP under Fusion Virtual.

One of the other visions I had in the 80s was to have monitors - quite large - on every job site so that architects can post their plans, have them retrieved and used by the contractors for both input and output; saving tons of paper every year and providing excellent turn-around time for errata and up-dates, not to mention all of the gas that will be saved by not having to drive back and forth to job sites - even International. 

Things are beginning to fall in place. LC is helping it happen.

Joe Lewis Wilkins
Architect & Director of Product Development for GSI

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