Datagrid bug? Looks cheesy...

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Tue Dec 21 13:36:57 EST 2010

Has anyone seen this before and is there a fix?

Platform is Linux - Livecode 4.5.3 (dp1)

The vertical scroll bar separates from the right side of the table (moving
to the left) leaving a small gap that is quite noticeable.

Easily reproduced by creating a new datagrid, and resizing the furthest
visible right column as the first action.

This makes it look a little cheesy in that it remains this way unless you
create a new datagrid (not good for deployment).

It would really be nice after the many years if Livecode / Rev would
actually have implemented a true table (I think it was one the most
requested items throughout the years). Though datagrid is better than before
it still is not the ideal solution (IMHO).



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