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AndyP wrote:

> One way to counter this type of situation is to detect the screen resolution
> and then have a set of rules to resize and position your objects according
> to the resolution returned. To make life easy you can have these read in
> from a text file which allows for more configurations to added in the future
> It's a fair amout of extra work but I've found it worthwile. Keep in mind
> that there are lots of NoteBooks out there with screen resolutions of 1024 *
> 768px.

It may also be worth keeping netbooks in mind.

Sure, tablets have begun to cut into the growth of the netbook segment, 
but netbooks are still seeing year-over-year growth and have remained 
one of the strongest categories for the last three years.   I've 
included some links to market stats in this blog entry about netbook 
growth at LiveCode Journal:

As a result of this growth, several million people are running a screen 
resolution of 1024x600.

So if you're making your UIs adjustable down to 1024x768, it's usually a 
small thing to go just a few pixels smaller vertically to support 
windows that resize down to 600 gracefully.

Most netbooks use Atom processors, and I gotta say I've been pleasantly 
surprised at how well they perform for the ultra-low power consumption. 
  I have Atom in both my netbook and a nettop I use here in the office 
as a private cloud, and both machines do well running Ubuntu and even 
OpenOffice much more smoothly than I would have anticipated from the 
specs.  The Atom's hyperthreading helps; it's a nice processor.

So while netbooks may get overlooked in the current frenzy to explore 
the tablet form factor, there's been such a rush on them in the last few 
years that for many apps you'll have a good market available to you by 
just taking a little time to make sure your windows can be reduced 
another 168 pixels down.

And that provides you with an excuse to get another toy so you can test. 
At <$300 for many good models, I found it too hard to resist. :)

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