A little surprise with LiveCode and On-Rev

Medard liste.revo at medard.on-rev.com
Sun Dec 19 11:19:46 EST 2010

Again, some musing with On-Rev ;-)

I made a simple "blog" with my reading notes around the web
[mostly in french]


As for now I am putting together pieces to create one file, a head, a
body, and a footer

The body itself is made from concatenating html files included in a
dedicated folder

For the first times, I made that by hand.

Now I am trying to build them via a dedicated LiveCode stack, and for
now that works properly -- excepted for the accented chars, which are
replaced by <?> ;->

I took a look at the bottom of the TextWrangler page, to notice that the
charset was not the good one, it was "Mac OS Roman"instead of "UTF-8 no

So, it seems that files written by LiveCode, at least on a Mac, have a
"Mac OS Roman" charset by default...

Maybe there is some Preference to fix that, but for now I don't where...

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