Valentina db under Linux ???

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Sat Dec 18 17:22:01 EST 2010

> What's the big deal? You copy the library into the user's 
> Externals folder, restart the IDE, and you're set to go. 
> However, the v4rev.dll library placed there by the valentina 
> installer (I'm not at my linux computer right now, so I can't 
> verify the library name there) doesn't show up in the 
> externalpackages, leading me to asssume it's compiled wrong. 
> Hard to believe this is ever gonna work.

Im not sure about it under Linux, but on Windows where Ive done the install
several times. Maybe our installer guy is missing something, but my
understanding is that it's a two stepper for a specific reason - because
there has to be some bridge set up between the Valentina components and
LiveCode, that couldn't be accomplished with the standard installer.

I believe this set up was something different that what we did previously
with Revolution, when you had the "roll back" system and multiple versions

> While I'm on the subject, the externalfunctions of stack 
> "home" shows two (!) copies each of revdb_valentina(), 
> revdb_valentinacursorref(), revdb_valentinadbref(), and 
> revdb_valentinadbreftoconnection(), even without the 
> valentina driver installed.

I've cc'd to Ruslan to have someone check it out. I know he and our
primarily Linux guy are whittling away on this.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

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