Valentina db under Linux ???

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On 12/18/10 5:58 AM, "Mark Wieder" <mwieder at> wrote:

Hi Mark,

> So I tried this on Windows, thinking that if you can't get things
> together for linux, at least this ought to work on something more
> mainstream. Same problem - no Valentina_Init() found. And that's only
> after realizing that there's a second installer (install.rev) you have
> to run after you run the installer you download. And that fact isn't
> mentioned in the "updated" documentation rtf file that's displayed
> when you install the first time, nor is the folder "ADK_4" created,
> but "V4REV_4" instead.

Thank you for points on typos. We will check them.

I think you need read a lots of docs in Valentina WIKI


B) Installation -- step by step with pictures

C) Databases from Zero

D) Valentina SQL

E) ADK API  in PDF and online form

F)  Valentina ENGINE descriptions and features - also in wiki

G) Valentina Articles in WIKI - to get better understanding of Valentina
features as RecID, ObjectPtr, Links, ...

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