Target Stack-Screen Rect for Cross Platform Apps

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Dec 17 15:36:22 EST 2010

On 12/17/2010 10:12 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:
>  I want to develop some edu things that will first and foremost end up 
> running on a PC (win or mac mostly) and getting displayed on a 
> projector in front of children.
> But we plan to build out these apps, so that they have considerable 
> resources for a studious individual to dig into them on their own 
> time... so that they could run in the future web plug in and also in 
> an iPad. Even future tablets.
> The hot new tablet in India is only 800 X 600, which was a bit 
> disappointing, but clearly they wanted to deliver something you could 
> easily hold..
> So I would be interested in any of your thoughts. I will probably lock 
> it down to landscape since the design will be used on projectors...
Bear in mind that the cheaper end (although one could hardly call data 
projectors 'cheap') of
the projector marlet delivers a screen res of 800 x 600 as well as your 

> If we build for XGA then it will take the entire vertical space (768) 
> but I'm thinking that's not a good idea as I'm learning there are 
> still a lot of hot notebooks that are XGA screen rect and they will 
> want to see their task bar...Also if you do it in a web browser plug 
> in sometimes the browser is hogging as much as 100 pixel for the URL 
> field and all the widgets running in IE -- I screen shared on Skype 
> with a new PC users recently and it seemed like they almost had 150px 
> of "stuff" at the top of their browser and they did not a) use any of 
> those widgets and b) did not know how to turn off their appearance. So 
> the stack diagrams I had made on Lucid Chart for them to look at were 
> partly below their screen...(forcein them to scroll up and down) until 
> I suggested they turn off all that stuff at the top of the browser 
> window.
> The most conservative way to go would be to build at 800 X 
> would still look pretty good on an iPad (but might not get accepted 
> into the store because of the size?) but I'm itching to use more space...

I'm sure you are; however more space is a luxury. It is a discipline to 
confine oneself to
a smaller screen size. However, if one remembers what wonders were done 
with sub 640 x 480
screens, one will realise that a lot can be done in 800 x 600; just 
don't display the end result
on some whopping-great screen as the pixelation will make your eyes go 
very funny indeed.

> Any thoughts?

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