[data grid] How to get the dgText really empty?

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 17 05:22:09 EST 2010


I have a stack  with (let's say) 3 cards
On card 1 and card 2 two identical data grids.
On card 3 another data grid and a button.
The 3 data grids have the same line rubrics.
When one clicks on the button on card 3, one gets a recapitulation (sums on each line of the values of the 2 first cards).
If I set the dgText of each dataGrid of card 1 and card 2 to empty (by script) then,
If I click on the button of card 3, I get the recapitulation as if the data grids of card 1 and 2 were still populated! 

I know that one gets a really empty data grid  if one sets the dgProp[columns] of the data grid as well as its dgText to empty. So that, it is necessary to set again the dgProp[columns].

Is there a more simple way to get the dgText of a data grid really empty?

Thanks a lot for any advice,

Best regards from Grenoble


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